Sunday, September 26, 2010

the response of the movie DABANGG ;-)

 DABANGG is rustic, has loads of action, harps on the age-old mother-son and varied relationships [half-brother, step-father], eventually turns into a vendetta fare, has a number of songs placed smartly in the narrative [including an item number]… but the packaging is slick and polished. Sure, it’s old wine, but packed in a brand new bottle, with a new brand ambassador [Salman Khan] endorsing this masalathon.the movie dabang is said to be a hit . though the movie dont hold a very serious story its a pleasure to watch it . this movie has everything in it making it superb and you wont regret to watching it in cinemas. this is the kind of movie where you will find action , commedy , romance ,emotions at the same time . talking about the actors, salman has done a great job so did sunaksi . salman looks very attractive with the mustage on . sunaksi the lead actress is the one who suggested salman for the mustage.

Most importantly, it has Salman like never before. Breathing fire and venom, Chulbul Pandey aka Robinhood Pandey taps Salman’s star power like no film has and the result is sheer magic. In fact, DABANGG stands on three pillars – Salman’s star power, smashing stunts and super music.

DABANGG is a story of Chulbul Pandey [Salman Khan], a totally fearless but corrupt police officer with unorthodox working methods. But even the most fearless at times face a tough fight with their innermost demons. Chulbul has had a bitter childhood. His father passed away when he was very young, after which his mother [Dimple Kapadia] married Prajapati Pandey [Vinod Khanna]. Together, they had a son Makhanchan [Arbaaz Khan].

Rajo [Sonakshi Sinha], with her unique perspective of life, enters his world and turns life upside down. Chulbul starts to see life more positively and also gets sensitized to the value of a family. But his detractors, especially the dubious Cheddi Singh [Sonu Sood], have their own vested interests and emerge as spokes in the wheels, putting one brother against the other. Makhanchan ends up carrying out an act oblivious to the consequences.

On the whole, DABANGG is a full on entertainer with three aces – Salman Khan like never before, stylish action and super music. It’s a foregone conclusion that DABANGG will open huge. As far as the business prospects are concerned, the film will set new benchmarks, so much so that DABANGG will be one of the yardsticks to gauge the level of business in times to come. Sure to fetch an earth-shattering opening, the film will create a pandemonium at the box-office,cementing the status of Salman Khan as the darling of the masses and making the distributors laugh all the way to the bank. It has Blockbuster written all over it!

Dabang Movie Cast
Salman Khan : Chulbul Pandey
Sonakshi Sinha : Rajo (Introducing)
Arbaaz Khan : Makhanchan
Sonu Sood : Cheddi Singh
Vinod Khanna : Prajapati Pandey
Dimple Kapadia : Naini
Mahesh Manjrekar: Rajo’s father
Malaika Arora : Munni
Om Puri
Anupam Kher
Tinu Anand
Mahie Gill
Amitosh Nagpal

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