Sunday, September 26, 2010

high school uniforms

I have heard about banning the skirts in high school couple of days ago . I dont know why people are so concerned about the high school dresses , seriously. I myself wear a skirt in school . Me and my friends are really pissed about this sort of news . Anyways the response to it is not so good though some of the people who had problem with the girls wearing skirt are satisfied .

I believe some of the girls wear skirt in a very vulgar manner which is ofcourse very distracting . But this is not the matter that goverment should be concerned about . there are a lot more of stuff which goverment should pay more attention instead restricting on cloths .
Lets see how its going to be , because its still not applied in any colleges but i seriously hope skirt wont be banned but they can restrict its lenght because i think girls look smarter in skirt than in pant.

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