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tasks workers

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“Ballet is a universe of the imagination, a place of magic and enchantment, beauty and romance.” They incorporate poetry, painting, music, and dancing to create elegant and lavish entertainments.

“Ballet is sight, sound, and motion, the theatrical form that can tell a story without words or convey moods and emotions through music and movement.” As one of the youngest performing arts and one of the most admired, the ballet has been best known for the emotions impacted on audiences throughout the world for over 400 years. Some can create goose bumps all over your body while others send chills up and down your spine. There are some that can leave you sobbing or sometimes even hysterically laughing.

“To dance…is to step out on the great stages of the world…a carpet of music spread under you each night, to flash and soar…to ride violins and trumpets…to feel the magic work.” As perhaps the oldest art form, dance has been understood to have originated from the point in time before sapiens was a species. Actions, such as dancing, were used as a means of communication. They were utilized to share thoughts, emotions, stories, and to entertain.

japanese anime

Japanese Animation (anime) has been placed underneath a stereotype. I am a big fan of these shows, and I feel that people should not think that I am "childish" and "immature" because I watch "cartoons". Japanese anime is a wonderful art form that should not be regarded as "that sex cartoon" or "for kids". There is much more to anime then gratuitous sex, ultraviolence, or "cutesy" shows.
When anime first showed up on American/Canadian shores, the first few tapes were "La Blue Girl" and "Urotsukidoji", both terribly graphic sex movies. These films are what are known as "H" movies (which stands for "Hentai", which is Japanese for "pervert"). Sadly, these videos got a lot of media attention, and so Japanese Animation got its stereotype of "sex cartoons". In regular (family) anime, there is still nudity, but there is nothing sexual about it, since in Japan, they are more open with their bodies than we are (for example, they have public bathing houses). However, some people believe that showing a bare breast means sex. That is completely wrong. If any nudity shows up in a family anime, it is used for humour. Americans and Canadians just have a different reaction to public nudity, which, when combined with the initial press of the "H" films, furthers their thoughts on the myth that all anime is sex.
Another myth is that anime is ultraviolent. This, unfortunately, is true - but only in some cases. In "Sailor Moon", there is the occasional violent act which was cut out of the American/Canadian release. Japanese children do know what is real and what is not, whereas American children duplicate what they see on TV. This is true because of the "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers", which originally broadcast on Japanese airwaves. "X", an anime movie in Japan, is very bloody. However, the movie follows a comic, which was violent to begin with. Japanese audiences find "X" "artistic", where here, it may be branded as "unrealistic and unnecessary violence". To fully understand the movie and its purpose, you have to read the comic. Only then the ultraviolence is explained.
My final gripe is the mind-set that anime is "for kids". Because most animation is America/Canada is "for kids", everyone believes all animation is "for kids". "Sailor Moon" is a good example. Even though the ideal age range is 8- to 13-year-old girls, it has lured many other people - especially guys - to watching it. I, myself, used to watch the show. I was surprised to see an animation that had a continuing storyline. Most American/Canadian cartoons works as one-episode shows, but anime shows - almost all anime shows - have a storyline that builds up to a climax. This is what keeps us interested - the fact that the shows don't end after 30 minutes. It's like watching one chapter of a very large novel.
In conclusion, I would like to reiterate that anime (also written with an accent-eigu) does not mean sex, violence and ultra-cute. It is a much deeper experience than those stereotypical thoughts. My suggestion is for everyone to view an anime show such as "Oh! My Goddess" and to view it with an open mind. You have to see something before making you assumption, based on what you have only heard. Who knows? You may be a fan of anime, just like me.

bullying in school

Bullying leads to numerous physical and psychological long-term and short-term effects. A victim can grow up to have numerous health problems such as anxiety, headaches, nausea, ulcers, sleeplessness, kidney complaints, skin rashes, irritable bowel syndrome, raised blood pressure, loss of confidence, bursting into tears, suicide. The effects of bullying can last a lifetime. The long-term effects of bullying are: Victims feel more isolated from their peers, which can lead to suicide Victims often retaliate and become violent towards the bullies. By age 23 60% of middle school male bullies become convicts. About 50% of all bullies become criminals.
An example of indirect bullying is when the bully tells another person about the victim's personal events that the victim might not wish to reveal. This kind of bullying is the harshest on victims because the scars left on the victim's mental self may never heal. This category can be broken down further still into intimidation and social alienation. This all has to do with the movie we are watching. Physical bullying also occurs when the bully physically harms something or steals. They can physically hurt their victims by kicking, hitting, spitting, etc. A boy is being bullied at school and is now so depressed that he wants to "blow up" the football team. They can physically and mentally scar them by what their actions. Verbal bullying occurs when the bully verbally threatens or teases the victim using words. This type of bullying can leave short term scars, cuts or bruises which can heal in any amount of time or it can also leave long term effects that may never heal, like scars, burns. This simply means that they bully their victim through others. aring, bruising, from being kicked and /or punched or being isolated. When a victim is physically bullied they are hurt so that a cut, bruise or other sore appears on their skin. This is a good movie because it shows what sometimes goes on in real life.


Cloning, Yes or No? From the archives of A few years ago, a little boy was sleeping quietly one night in his room. Suddenly, during the middle of the night, the boy woke up horrified. His house was on fire. He called for help, but no one heard his cries. The firemen finally came and dragged him out of his burning home. The boy, who once looked like any normal child, was now severely burned beyond any possible normal recovery over 90% of his body. His ears and cartilage were permanently damaged. It was later found out that the father was the arsonist who started the fire, and actually wanted to kill his son. Now that little boy is scared for life. But what if there were some way to be able to grow a new ear and nose, and skin to help him get back to normal? These advancements are possible through genetic cloning. Many people hear the word cloning, and become so appalled that we would ever think of such a thing. They believe that we are not to play God, by growing body parts and organs just for research. Genetic cloning is a very sensitive issue, both ethically and religiously, however, the medical and psychological advantages outweigh the few. Many religious groups are up in arm about the idea of cloning, especially the thought of using embryonic tissue to help in the process of cloning. The main way that the doctors get the embryonic tissue is when a baby has either died, or has been aborted. The thought of human cloning has brought up one main issue, about how we as humans, are not to play God. Only God can do that! The type of cloning that dr c discussed is dealing with the issue of purely cloning individual body parts and organs that are useful for transplants on people that are in serious need. A more specialized term for this is therapeutic cloning. Professor Ruth Chadwick, the chairwoman of the international Human Genome Organization (H.U.G.O) subcommittee on cloning, says, There should be no attempt at reproductive cloning - that is the producing a genetic ˜copy of a human being. Research on the use of cloning technology to produce particular cells and tissues, for example, skin, nerve or muscle, for therapeutic transplants should be supported(Spinks). we cant understand the feelings of certain groups that believe that what some people are trying to do is wrong, by trying to change the natural process of the way things are supposed to be. How are we going to know how far we are supposed to go, and if we do go to the limit, will we stop there? Some may think that we have already gone too far. There is the belief that God planned it to be a certain way, and that we should not interfere.