Monday, September 27, 2010

bullying in school

Bullying leads to numerous physical and psychological long-term and short-term effects. A victim can grow up to have numerous health problems such as anxiety, headaches, nausea, ulcers, sleeplessness, kidney complaints, skin rashes, irritable bowel syndrome, raised blood pressure, loss of confidence, bursting into tears, suicide. The effects of bullying can last a lifetime. The long-term effects of bullying are: Victims feel more isolated from their peers, which can lead to suicide Victims often retaliate and become violent towards the bullies. By age 23 60% of middle school male bullies become convicts. About 50% of all bullies become criminals.
An example of indirect bullying is when the bully tells another person about the victim's personal events that the victim might not wish to reveal. This kind of bullying is the harshest on victims because the scars left on the victim's mental self may never heal. This category can be broken down further still into intimidation and social alienation. This all has to do with the movie we are watching. Physical bullying also occurs when the bully physically harms something or steals. They can physically hurt their victims by kicking, hitting, spitting, etc. A boy is being bullied at school and is now so depressed that he wants to "blow up" the football team. They can physically and mentally scar them by what their actions. Verbal bullying occurs when the bully verbally threatens or teases the victim using words. This type of bullying can leave short term scars, cuts or bruises which can heal in any amount of time or it can also leave long term effects that may never heal, like scars, burns. This simply means that they bully their victim through others. aring, bruising, from being kicked and /or punched or being isolated. When a victim is physically bullied they are hurt so that a cut, bruise or other sore appears on their skin. This is a good movie because it shows what sometimes goes on in real life.

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